While texts and infographics have their place in social media, emojis are slowly but steadily rising up the charts. Only a few years back, emojis were used by kids for interacting with the similar age groups. However, things have changed and we now have these special characters added into diverse online posts.

It is intriguing to look at social media marketing strategies with the predominance of emojis. In this post, we will be discussing about the importance and significance of the same— especially when online marketing campaigns are considered.

Why Emojis are Gaining Popularity?

Emojis are getting their due and it isn’t surprising to see. Needless to say, emojis are the best options for expressing emotions without having to say a lot. Moreover, unlike emoticons— emojis can be customized according to user preferences. Be it automobiles, relationships or anything else— there is an emoji for literally everything.

This is the reason why individuals are constantly adding emojis into the scheme of things— just to make sure the right set of expressions reach out to the customers. That said, emojis are easy to find and add to posts. Moreover, adding them doesn’t even require any special content creating skills. When it comes to using emojis and adding them to posts, an emoji keyboard can certainly come in handy.

While there are websites which offer virtual keyboards for copying and pasting emojis, having a physical keyboard can actually help users with the same. These physical entities are easy to use and work on shortcuts— embedded alongside texts. Most importantly, these keyboards have every possible emoji that comes to the mind.


There are instances when companies like Budweiser have used emoji-centric tweets to enhance their marketing campaigns. It isn’t surprising to see that Google is also giving credence to emoji-SEO and this approach is actually getting rewards for the concerned businesses.

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