Most users have zero idea about proxy or their knowledge related to proxy servers is nil. They don’t really know about the advantages of proxy server and they are completely unaware that how a proxy works and how it is benefitting them. Shared proxies are the anonymous proxies which are also known as semi private proxies. Which means it has half qualities or features of the private proxy.

Why is this proxy getting so popular?

Shared proxies allow a person to share the proxies with various other systems or computers which belongs to the other anonymous people, at the same time. Shared proxy provides acquiesce to gain some great and speedy proxies. Shared proxy is becoming popular day by day and more people are using this proxy because it allows its users to share proxies with numerous other anonymous people. Also, it allows a number of people to access the blocked websites. This future is making it more common in world today. People buy shared proxies in order to access the blocked websites.

Shared proxy keeps your Identity safe

Shared proxy are the only proxies which keeps the identity of a person or user hidden thus safe. It doesn’t allow the access to the user’s IP address. Shared proxies are hardly eye catching or observable because such proxies are the anonymous proxies keeping the identity of user hidden. The anonymous or shared proxy makes it almost impossible for the companies to chase the IP address of the user. And the user feels safe on Internet while surfing on web. Hence, majority of its users find it a safe way for browsing and surfing on the Internet. As the location of users is kept hidden and confidential.

Benefits of Shared Proxy

Generally, the proxies are used for the intentions of browsing. Hundreds of People from all-around the world is getting aware from the use of proxy, hence it it’s use has been increased. The features of this proxy are dragging their interest in buying the shared proxy. They look for the cheapest shared proxies for buying purposes in order to avail maximum benefit from such proxies.

  • The basic feature of shared proxy is that they are not very expensive but cheapest in contrast to the other proxies. It is the best substitute for the free proxies which are too risky in the case of security of identity.
  • By using Shared proxies, one can get access to maximum Internet Portal addresses at same time, in reasonable and less cost.
  • In most cases the shared proxies supply with fast browsing speed. It is the most reliable proxy for surfing. One can browse anything he want to. It provides relatively fast speed when it comes to download something from a website along with it, shared proxy shares all the related crucial information without compromising the time of user.

In short, the basic services and benefits supplied by shared proxy aid customers or users with lowering the expense of the proxy server and the expense would be shared with people or users only.

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