CBD – it is won from the cannabis plant and cannabis is illegal, right? Not exactly. If you also ask if CBD is legal in Germany, then you should find your answer today. First: Yes, it is (still) legal, under certain conditions. You will learn about cannabidiol and the law in force in this article.

The legal situation changes regularly – CBD Ticker

At the moment, the legal situation in connection with cannabidiol is being disputed – as both the pharmaceutical industry and the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) are attracting attention to the increasingly popular substance. We keep you up to date – so far the following has happened:

  • 09.2016
    The Federal Council approves the draft “Fifteen Ordinance on the Amendment to the Regulation”.( See here , TOP73). Cannabidiol was thus added to Appendix 1 of the Drug Regulation. All the amendments adopted can be found here: 15. AMVVÄndV.
  • 10.2016
    The decision of 23.09.2016 comes into force.This decision provides for a legal prescription for CBD. There is a transitional period during which the sale is still tolerated. The duration of the transition time is unknown.
  • 10.2016 – The sale of CBD products continues – why?
    The situation is not as clear as you initially thought. Also included in the prescription regimen are elements such as vitamin C and zinc – they are aprescription drug . Not as food supplements. Vitamin C, zinc, etc. may therefore be freely sold if they are not advertised as medicinal products. It could also continue to be legal to sell CBD if it is not advertised as a drug and no promises of cure are made – surely we will get certainty here only if the legislator initiates further steps (for example, integration into the BtMG Psychoactivity swine),
  • March 2017 – eBay wants to ban CBD from market place
    After a supportrequest from a CBD dealer, eBay tells us that “CBD as a substance is generally and globally inadmissible on our marketplace” . At the moment there are countless cannabidiol-containing products sold there, but new ones are obviously not allowed. We recommend to buy at Wholesale CBD Isolate for example . There CBD is accepted.
  • Quite clear is the situation thus not – is cannabidiol in Germany legal or illegal? We are in a limbo – fact is that up to today against no dealer of CBD preparations was placed criminal.

    What this means to us, consumers, now and in the future: Nothing. The possession of CBD remains legal in quantities which are regarded as self-sufficient – whether or not cannabidiol is completely subject to the drug law. A breach of the German Medicines Act is only possible if you have large quantities of CBD, which indicate a resale.

    As long as CBD is offered in German shops, we can buy it, without fear of consequences.

    CBD is legal because it is not psychoactive

    THC acts psychoactive, which is known. Cannabidiol is different. In contrast to THC, cannabidiol is not psychoactive, we are not “high” when we have consumed it. There are no effects- changing effects after the intake – therefore, CBD oil is legal in Germany.

    Legal to a certain THC content

    Cannabis products are legal if the THC content is less than 0.2%. Each CBD oil is therefore legal in Germany if it contains less than 0.2% THC. This information is also attached to the products as a rule. The products marketed in Germany contain in any case less than the stated percentage of THC, otherwise they should not be sold – nevertheless one can even make sure whether the THC content is really below the tolerated limit, in order not to take a risk.

    Obtained from usable hemp

    In addition, the CBD available in Germany is extracted from usable hemp. This means that the cultivated cannabis plants hardly contain any THC anyway. The cultivation of such plants is legal for companies, provided they are authorized.

    Cannabis – soon anyway legal?

    You may have noticed that cannabis and its legalization are currently being discussed. In some US states, it is already legal, just like in many countries. Who knows whether it is not so soon in Germany – if it comes to this, then we have to ask ourselves whether CBD oil is legal in Germany. We are both not sure if it would make sense to abolish the narcotics legislation in connection with cannabis, but who knows. We are curious about what the future holds for us.

    Conclusion: CBD oil in Germany is legal for consumers

    All in all: CBD is legal in Germany. You can buy it as well as carry it with you. So you do not have to be afraid that you will face difficulties when you order CBD – so far you are on the safe side. Hopefully this will not change so quickly.


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