Ever since he was a young man, Chris Oyakhilome felt the calling to do something great with his life. He felt a passion for sharing his faith with others, and he took on any platform that he could to share his faith. He traveled all across the globe to speak before crowds of people and to give them a bit of hope and love. He wanted to show people how great God is, and he has worked hard in forming Christ Embassy, a ministry that helps to further his outreach.

Chris Oyakhilome is a man who is on a mission and is determined to do as much good for the world as he can. So, he continues to travel, and he not only speaks to the crowds that he meets with, but he also writes. A book of his has become a bestseller because of how big of an impact his writing has on others. When people hear what he has to say they believe him and respect him. They see that Christ Embassy is doing a lot of good for the world and they are glad that Pastor Chris decided to make it come to be.

Pastor Chris now has something new going on, too, and he is excited about how it will help him to reach even more people. He has continually been raising the number of people that he has touched, and now he is doing that in an even bigger way. He has started Haven Nation with the help of a few others, and Haven Nation is all about encouraging people in their faith. He has helped to draw people together and to talk with them about what they should be doing with their lives and how to live out their faith in the best way, and he feels that he is doing good through this new venture.

Chris knows that he needs to work hard to make Haven Nation into something that people will recognize and want to come to, and he has made sure that it is everything that it should be. He has worked with all of the right people to get it going, and he has had a lot of success with it already. Many people have come to hear him and others speak, and they have left feeling encouraged. His faith has always been the most important thing in his life, and Chris felt the call to do something great for his faith when he was young. He hopes to help others realize what they are supposed to do to live out their faith through Haven Nation. He wants many people to come closer to God and to dedicate their lives to him.

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