4% CBD. Cannabis is grown to contain many THC, but her cousin hemp is just grown for its CBD content, and of course the bast fibers. To reduce the THC content, the oil is diluted until the legal requirements are met safely. The result is a hemp extract rich in CBD, but poor in THC. Content: 10 ml.


Today’s most cannabis is grown because of its high THC content, but the hemp is a completely different story. Industrial hemp is grown because of its high CBD content and of course because of the bast fibers. To reduce the THC content, the oil is diluted until the legal requirements are met safely. This results in an oil with 4% CBD and only 0.173% THC, so it is as legal as the organic-grown industrial hemp from which it was made.

CBD does not cause any stunning of any kind. CBD is the second most common cannabinoid in cannabis, but it has no cognitive effects where its counterpart THC is notorious. Even the consumption of high doses does not cause psychoactive effect – becoming high with CBD is simply impossible. Wholesale CBD sellers are available to get it.

This hemp extract contains almost zero percent THC; It is obtained from hemp – since this hemp extract does not have psychoactive activity, it can be completely sold and purchased in the Netherlands and in most other countries.

How do you keep it?

CBD oil is perishable and should therefore be stored out of range of sunlight, preferably in a cool and dark place, such as the refrigerator.

We do not make medical statements – this hemp extract is only meant for use as a dietary supplement, it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Content: 10 ml (4% CBD)


Thanks to an improved filtering method, this new formula of the Organic CBD oil is now lighter and will be guaranteed at any room temperature, free from the droplet. This makes the oil easier to dosage, while retaining all the beneficial properties.

Q: This is 100% natural, right? No synthetic CBD ??

Ans: We’re happy to inform you that this product is indeed completely natural. There are no synthetic elements in it whatsoever.

Q: How do you use cbd oil …. Do smoke with an electric cig?

Ans: Our CBD Oil is most commonly orally ingested: 1-3 drops in the morning, afternoon and evening. It’s smoke and boiling points far exceed the standard e-cigarette cigarette liquids and as such can not be used with an electric cigarette.

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