Aloe Vera – an ancient natural healing remedy has come to great fame for several years. Meanwhile, many medical and cosmetic products contain Aloe Vera. Both externally and internally, Aloe Vera is used as a supplement to the diet and is given true healing powers: it is supposed to be an anti-stress and pain-relieving, a balm for the thin-skinned environmentally polluted human being. What is the myth of this miracle plant?

Aloe Vera – the desert lily

The plant Aloe Vera is tough and slightly flexible, its leaves are wrapped by a wax layer and have armed at the edge with thin thorns as with teeth. The plant is inconspicuous and not exactly beautiful, as if it did not want to reveal its essence easily. It is reminiscent of a cactus plant, looks like an agave and yet it belongs to the family of lily plants – just like onion or garlic.Aloe Vera comes from the subtropical deserts of Africa, Asia and Latin America, where in the thousands of years of its development it has learned to protect its precious interior from environmental influences. The plant forms its own nutrients and stores the water it needs to survive. Of the approximately 300 plant species, the “Aloe Vera barbadensis miller” is considered the most effective. In addition to the whole plant, aloe vera is also the gel-like interior of the plant.

Active ingredients of aloe vera

The well-protected active ingredients of the plant lie in the leaf interior, embedded in a gel, which mostly consists of water. The most important active ingredient is the polysaccharide acemannan. It is a long-chain sugar form, a vital carbohydrate – also for humans. Acemannan only produces it until puberty, after which it has to be fed over the food.Acemannan is absorbed into the cell membranes and strengthens the entire organism against parasites such as fungi, bacteria and viruses. It is immersive, because it activates and stimulates the cells responsible for the defense. Aloe vera increases the number of T-killer cells, monocytes, lymphocytes and red blood cells and increases their activity.

Aloe Vera: effect and application

The aloe vera leaves the 200 active ingredients, including numerous vitamins, enzymes and minerals, amino acids, essential oils, and analgesic salicylic acid. The viscid, slimy gel from the fresh leaves is absorbed very quickly by the skin. It cools sands and insect bites and heals wounds thanks to its antibacterial effect, as the warriors of the ancient world knew. The original aloe vera juice is also to help with radiation damage by radiotherapy in cell renewal.As a food, the desert lily is said to have a positive effect on many civilization diseases: Aloe Vera is supposed to act in the case of digestive disorders, allergies, asthma, pelvic diseases and diabetes. It is also used as a food supplement in cancer and AIDS therapy because it is intended to mobilize the defenses. In addition, it should regenerate the intestinal flora, the strongest defense organ of man at all.


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