Why you should let us help you move your piano?

Why trouble yourself with the details of moving your piano while you can let us handle that for you? We understand that piano lovers are passionate about their keys and want them moved safely and with the least if any, hustle. It’s for this reason we are in the business of ensuring that your piano reaches the desired destination conveniently.

Why us?

Piano transportation is not an easy job. We can attest to the fact that many owners of pianos have had challenges moving their treasured instruments. Our experience in this field has given us a level of authority and mastery. Our previous clients have rated us highly due to the kind of services we have rendered them. It is with the same mind we hope and trust that you stand a better chance with us to have your piano transported to the desired destination. When it comes to the real transportation, we assist our clients to insure their piano for the period that it will be within transit. This we do with reputable insurance companies that don’t disappoint. This gives our clients peace of mind knowing that their pianos are covered.

What is our coverage?

We cover the whole nation. We have had chances of serving clients nationwide. We offer piano transport not just within the locality of our offices but as far as the client’s desired destination. What better way to serve our clients than to offer them nationwide coverage. This is strengthened by the fact that we have offices in strategic states and places; therefore, we are able to cover the whole nation. Whether it is moving across the street or across the states, we assure you of satisfactory services that will not just satiate your need but will also leave you happy and pleased with our services. 

How do we move your piano?

Being experienced piano movers nationwide, we have a team of experienced professionals who handle you’re your piano transport needs with a lot of expertise. Having done this for a number of years now, we have managed to put together a team of men and women who are dedicated to serving you. This team comprises of well trained and experienced drivers, a team of instrument handlers who are competent in piano handling and they help in moving the piano, office staff members who handle your project from the first time the first contact is made to the last call made to know whether your piano is safe and a team of security officers who ensure that your priced piano does not land in the wrong hands or end up in the wrong place.

What will it cost you?

As much as possible, we ensure that we have a package that will fit all our clients and would be clients. Though not all may end up choosing us as their preferred piano movers, we ensure that the charges involved don’t act as the deterrent. Whether it is a family piano that is being moved or a corporate piece needing to be relocated, we ensure that we factor all our clients’ financial needs and prepare for them a cost list that will favour their pockets as we endeavour to meet their piano transportation needs.

What are our added service benefits?

Having put together a team of workers whose heartbeat is the piano, we also make an effort to throw in some added benefits even if is as an aside arrangement. Time to time and depending on some factors, we may throw in benefits like piano tuning and piano polishing services. We also connect our clients to experienced piano maintenance companies to help them maintain their pianos.

Choose us!!

We hesitate not to advise you to choose us as you piano transporters of choice. This decision will leave you a satisfied client and one who will look forward to engaging us in future. You will never regret the decision

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