Tips That Will Help You Survive Music School Auditions

Making it to good music schools in New York is really tough. One of the most challenging moment is music auditions. What can you do to survive and better yet, how will you be at your best? There are times you will feel tired, yet you are must not give up. These tips can help you make it through the auditions.

  1. Stay on top of your homework

During music school auditions, teachers are always adding more projects on your homework list. Regardless of the stressful moments, you should continue with your homework and don’t give any excuses.

  1. Gather moral support

Your friends and family play an important role during your toughest moments. As you audition, let them know about your routine. Sometimes you might miss dinner or a family trip because of an upcoming audition. Let them know you need their support when you are stressed up. If you are in Manhattan music school, your parents will understand and help you deal with the craziness that prevails during the auditions.

  1. Get enough sleep

You have to get enough sleep regardless of the tight schedules. Do not sacrifice your sleep for something else. If you do so, you will compromise your abilities and you could end up failing. When you feel exhausted, just take rest as opposed to caffeine or energy drinks. Your brain needs to rest. Your motor control will be hampered if your brain is stressed. And when you are stressed, it will be hard for you to play an instrument or sing.

4. Maintain your rituals

External factors like weather, time zones, and travel can wreak havoc your efforts. You, therefore, need a well-established routine which you can rely on. Don’t neglect your yoga routine before you go to bed. Make a pre-audition ritual such as taking milk during the audition day. If you are a prayer, don’t forget to pray every day.

  1. Keep in mind what your teachers say

There are many reasons you picked music lessons in Brooklyn. One of them is the type of teachers who are, until today, your greatest pillar. Your teachers are probably better players and singers that you and so there is so much you can learn from them. Do not neglect their advice. They used to be where you are right now and they understand you more than you could imagine. Most importantly, your teachers are educators and have the hacks you need to get good results in the auditions. Do as they ask you and you’ll succeed.

If you think that you sound too good, chances are you are not practicing. Practicing is not about getting into a room and playing as loud as you can. Focus on your weak areas to transform them into your strengths. Seek advice in advance from successful artists and ask them to challenge you even in styles you are not so comfortable with.


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