The Hubspot Stripe and Everything You Need To Know About It

The HubSpot Stripe is the next big thing for all businesses whether large or small. But what is it in the first place? Stripe is basically a developer friendly way in which a business can accept payments in mobile apps and online. The suite of APSs in Stripe power commerce for many companies and processes many billions in dollars for various businesses every single year.

The features of Stripe:

The following are some of the most notable features of Stripe that you need to know –

  1. It is a simple API which is very helpful in the processing of subscriptions and payments on your app or mobile site.
  2. It accepts payments through most of the major credit cards, Android pay, Bitcoin, Alipay, and ApplePay from any place in the world.
  3. There is a Stripe Checkout for the pre-made checkout form which can be customized to suit your branding.
  4. It includes recurring billing that includes trials, coupons and custom billion periods.
  5. If offers real time transaction reporting in the form of CSV reports.
  6. The Stripe Atlas will help set up business based in the U.S. and bank account in a U.S.     `bank, which you can use to receive payments via stripe.

Why HubSpot stripe?

To many businesses, the biggest challenge is getting paid for the products that they sell. This is the thinking of stripe, and it is basically a payment processing service which is intended to make the payments simple and fun. It has been described by reviewers as far cry from usual experience in finance websites.

Generally, the processing of payments from your site involve complex coding and working with third party payment processors so you can have your account ready. It may also include working with 3rd party payment platforms such as PayPal whereby the customers will have to leave the site so they can go and pay for the products they buy. While using 3rd party payment platform such as PayPal is convenient for the business, it is not the most convenient option for the customers.

When you want to sell online, you should try as much as possible to ensure the customer does not leave the site, otherwise they will abandon the cart, and this means lost sale and revenues. To solve this problem, Stripe offers simple payment APIs in which you can build strip payments direct in to mobile app or site. It features pre-written code samples in various languages and several credit card numbers and testing accounts for purpose of stress-testing the payments before you open the site for real customer purchases and experiences.

In short, it is the simplest and most convenient way of building one-time subscriptions or payments in to the product. Good news is that you can integrate Stripe with HubSpot and benefit from both Stripe and HubSpot payments.


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