Perfume Oils and the Interesting Story Behind Them

While there are many brands and choices in the market, choosing the best perfume for you is never easy. Each brand claims to be different from the other, based on the types or concentration of ingredients in it, but you need first to know the broad distinction between the perfumes in the market, and that is, oil based perfumes and alcohol based perfumes. It is important to know each of the brands has its pros and cons which you need to know as the purchaser.

Why the oil based?

The main reason advanced by the lovers of perfume oils is that they are natural. The fragrance oils are actually pure natural oils and are the easy choice for those who prefer all-natural products. The effects of oil based fragrances last longer on the skin than the alcohol based perfumes. By its nature, alcohol is volatile, and thus it evaporates very quickly. The natural oils do not break down fats like alcohol, and thus their effects last longer. The oils will not last all day long but will last longer than alcohol based perfumes. The oil based perfumes will also not bring great smell to you but also make you feel great.

The oils also have high moisturizing effect. In the process of evaporation, the alcohol will tend to carry moisture with it, and that will cause dryness and in some cases, irritation when alcohol based perfume is applied to the skin. In terms of cost, the oil based perfumes such as patchouli perfume oil tend to be more expensive. For them to give that much needed smell, the perfumes use very pure oils. To most people, the additional benefits of the oil based perfumes are truly worth the cost.

Is there anything great with alcohol based perfumes?

Most alcohol based perfumes are not organic or all-natural. However, they smell as great as the oil based perfumes. There is wider choice of alcohol based fragrances then there is with oil based perfumes. By its nature, alcohol tends to dry the skin and thus alcohol based perfumes may not be good for those with dry skin. As alcohol evaporates quickly, it does not ‘stick’ to the skin or clothes the way oil based perfumes do. This means that some of it is wasted in the air.

Which is better?

The oil based versus alcohol based debate is no almost settled. If you need variety of choices, alcohol, based perfumes offer that. If you need organic, all-natural products, oil-based scents are the best pick.

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