How Do You Know You Have The Wrong Cannabis?

Where do you normally buy your cannabis products? The safest place is a marijuana dispensary in Weed. Unauthorized dealers are more likely to serve you some odd joints and probably at a higher price. You should not risk getting marijuana from a shady source. That’s why you need a marijuana card from your doctor so you can purchase your weed from a legal place. Just so you can be sure you’ve got the right stuff, here are signs you should watch out for.

  • Dry, brittle, or excessively damp texture

If the buds are dry or crumble so easily, know that the cannabis isn’t good. When weed lacks sufficient moisture, vaporizing or smoking it is hard. Again, excess moisture is bad news. Overly dump marijuana is likely to have mold and mildew. You don’t want to ingest these organisms, do you? Keep in mind that good weed is sticky, difficult to break. That’s why cannabis users call it sticky-icky.

  • Embalming fluid

This fluid contains a dangerous element called formaldehyde which causes cancer. Sneaky dealers soak marijuana in the embalming fluid to make it look stronger. You will know its presence if your ‘joint’ smells like pickles. Symptoms you have consumed formaldehyde include dry mouth, increased heart rate, nausea, bad headache, diarrhea, chest pain, hallucinations, and paranoia.

  • More seeds and stems than flowers

This is the most obvious sign that you have picked the wrong weed. When you are handed a batch of weed, be sure to check how it looks before you leave. You cannot smoke seeds and stems. They will not give you the relief you desire. If you didn’t know, seeds have no THC, the active compound of cannabis, while stems have traces of THC which can barely get you high. Furthermore, the seeds and stems have an unpleasant vapor you don’t want to get into your lungs.

  • Leafiness

If you buy marijuana in OC and find out that it is excessively leafy, you have every reason to return the product to the seller. Before cannabis buds are trimmed, they contain leaves all over. The leaves don’t give sufficient resinous trichomes, CBD, and THC, and that’s why they are trimmed off. They only make the buds less effective. Leafy weed is non-potent so you shouldn’t waste your money on it.

  • Glass

When crushed grass is added to pure weed, it makes it seem heavier and as if more trichomes are present. But you can test for the presence of grass in your buds. Simply rub your weed in a shiny CD. If it scratches the CD, you will know there is glass in. Fresh buds cannot scratch a CD, and if it does, it shouldn’t be a permanent mark.

  • Ugly brown color

The color of weed is enough to tell you if it’s bad or good weed. High-grade Marijuana from Orange County is evergreen. If the color is brown, you have been given very old buds which are not good for your lungs. Brown weed can make you sleep excessively in addition to tasting awful.

  • Fuel additives

To check for fuel additives, test a moist bud on a flame. If it contains fuel, it will catch the flame immediately and flare up.

A lousy batch of buds is a waste of money and a great health risk. The main reason you need marijuana is to get relief. If anything makes you queasy or tastes like crap, it means you have been given bad weed. To avoid such letdowns, visit moon rocks in Orange County and you’ll find the best stuff to help you with your medical condition.

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