A Simple Demystification of the Cost of Luxury Chauffeur Service

Talk of luxury chauffeur service, and many people will tell that it is an expensive option. Well, it may not be cheapest transport option in the market, but it is not as expensive as you think, especially when you consider the benefits that it offers over the cheaper alternatives, such as reliability, safety, professionalism, quality guarantee, comfort, and not forgetting…luxury!

What is in the service?

The term limousine transportation service refers to the use of limousine for transportation. Some people assume that limousine is a brand of car. Instead, it refers to type of car which is luxurious, and is mostly driven by chauffeur, a professional driver. Common brands of cars used as limos include Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Holden Statesman, Cadillac One, Toyota Century Royal and Chrysler 300 among others. The car is designed such that there is partition between the back where the passenger sits and the driver’s seat where the chauffeur sits. By their nature, limousines are stretched version of the known luxury vehicles such as Chryslers and Hummers. They are a common choice of transport in weddings, parties and other luxurious events. The common limos can accommodate as many as 10 passengers.

The types of limousines:

The traditional limos are generally longer than the standard sedans. Excluding the driver, known as chauffeur, they tend to take up to six passengers. The modern stretch limousines are longer and some can comfortably seat up to 10 passengers. Since they are intended and designed to be luxurious, each limo has many extras, including comfy seats, surround sound systems, video screens, lights, bars, odd light show, and many other features. There are some limos which even have home theatres and hot tubs.

How much will it cost to hire?

Because of its luxury, most people assume that it will cost a fortune to hire a chauffeured limo. The truth is that there are many providers of the service out there and so you can compare their services and rates and choose what suits your budget. Also, there are various types of limos, ranging from two-seater all the way to the stretchy limos which can carry 10 passengers.

Generally, the limo car hire company and will require  the following details in order to determine how much it will charge you for the service –

  1. Hours you need to hire the limo: most companies charge the limo per hour, and thus more hours of hire translate to higher costs. Generally, most people hire it for few hours, or at a day at most. Most of the companies offer discounts the more hours the car is hired.
  2. The date: when do you intend to hire the limo? Like any other industry, there are peak and off-peak times of hiring limos. For instance, during weekends, and particularly Saturdays the demand for car hire is usually high due to weddings. During holiday season and end-month, the cost of hiring also increases.
  3. Distance to be moved: where do you want to be moved to and from? Longer distance will translate to higher cost of hiring the limo.

Most companies will give quotes when you provide the above information. They will also need to know about the type or model of limo you need to hire. The cost of chauffeur, the driver is normally included in the quotation.


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